Last Chance to Work with Jae in Edinburgh!

“Running inspires in us a deep curiosity about the unexplored territory within. Whether training to make an Olympic Team or to run healthy and happy for the rest of our lives the quest to expand the “new frontier” inside ourselves, is universal and eternal.

My “Tips for Competition” pertain to the inner landscape…The opportunity to compete – in road, track, trail or cross country races – gives us a focused, time-bound setting in which to do some of this exploring.”

Melody Fairchild, Tips for Competition

Melody has sent me her Tips for Competition, so I’m able now to complete The Starting Line Deluxe set for my Indiegogo Campaign. This quote is just a taste of what she has to offer. I’m so grateful she wrote this for my campaign, to help you run better and to help The Balanced Runner grow!

If you got just the regular Starting Line and want to upgrade to the Deluxe, email me at and we’ll work it out.

I’ve got all kinds of news for you tonight, and whether it’s happy or sad depends very much on where you’re standing.

Leaving Edinburgh

The biggest news is that I will give my last regular lessons in Edinburgh on Thursday 3 March and my first regular lessons in Berlin in April. This is, I guess, due to politics. For whatever reason, a self-employed Feldenkrais practitioner/running technique expert and her husband who just got his PhD in medical imaging are apparently not the types of people the UK wants to allow to remain on their soil, and therefore there just isn’t a way for us to extend our visa or get a new one. It has been an unhappy eleventh hour discovery for us, because we really liked it here.

By contrast, Germany is apparently happy to welcome us. Deshalb gehen wir nach Berlin! We hear it’s a fantastic city and are very excited.

I have a handful of appointments still available in Edinburgh, so if you’ve been before and wanted to see me again sometime, or if you’ve been thinking of making an appointment someday, the time is now. Here’s the link to book:

Schedule Appointment

If you need more help than just the session or two you can fit in before I go, you can pay a wee bit extra and I’ll support you via email for a month with recordings and advice.

If you’re in Germany and want to be notified when I start teaching there, please email me at and let me know.

Indiegogo News

Places and dates are the theme today! I’ve just set the dates for the May-June online running technique camp and the 4-day intensives in Berlin and Edinburgh (I’m kind of locked into coming back for that, so if you want to really dig deep with me, see me then!). They are:

The Balanced Runner Online Running Technique Camp: 15 May-25 June

4-Day Intensives:

Berlin 15-18 April

Edinburgh 10-13 June

The camp prices are all 60% off via the Indiegogo campaign and the intensives aren’t available any other way. Here are the direct links:

Online Running Camp $99

Online Running Camp + Lifetime Master Class $150

Online Pro Running Camp + Lifetime Master Class $200

VIP Online Running Camp $225

VIP Online Running Camp + Lifetime Master Class $275

4-Day One-to-One Intensives $2500

The Indiegogo campaign, by the way, ends in 2 weeks and 2 days.

Stay tuned for my regular blog post on Sunday, to learn what really works to address the root cause of quad soreness.

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