Simple Pilates Workout for Runners

I bet this is a title you never thought you’d see on my blog! However, during a stint as a Pilates teacher a couple of years back I did a lot of experimentation with how to adapt classical Pilates mat exercises to support healthy running technique instead of interfering with it. Surprised I’m saying classical … Read more

“Posture is for Posts” – Why You Shouldn’t Work on Your Running Posture

My jumping-off point for this post is a quote in the title, from Moshe Feldenkrais, creator of the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education®. It is particularly relevant for runners working on their form and has a nice zing to it. However, I could simply have started from the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition, seen above. The … Read more

The Runner’s Abs

Much has been said in recent years about the importance of core training for runners and about how having strong abs improves your performance and prevents injury. Not enough has been said about how your abs should be strong, though, and what abs actually do for a runner. Your performance may be suffering as a result. If you … Read more

Why Runners Should Not Do Pilates

Why Runners Should Not Do Pilates

Do you believe that, as a runner, you should have a tight core? That the sine qua non of good running form is tightening your core? I’d like to propose a different concept: The essence of good running form is directing force in the simplest possible line from foot through head. Since we have two … Read more