Run smooth, free, and a little like you’re flying

Running is supposed to feel good.

It may not feel good right now—in fact, you might even be injured. You may feel like you take a pounding, or struggle with your body on nearly every run, or are hobbled with pain the next day.

These are not problems you can solve by getting fitter or tougher. They’re caused by how you’re moving–your running form or technique.

Perhaps you’ve already worked on your form, only to lose that natural, easy feeling you remember having when you ran as a kid. And maybe it didn’t even solve your problems. Here’s why:

The whole idea that you should work on your running form is wrong. Good running form doesn’t take any more strength than running poorly. It doesn’t take any more discipline either. In fact, just the opposite.

Good running form means using your body the way it really works rather than fighting to move it some other way. This improves your performance and keeps you healthier because fighting your body takes energy and increases stress–slowing you down, increasing your odds of injury, and robbing you of joy.

That’s why good running form is easier than bad form. Right away. Not later once you’ve gotten “strong enough.” Because if you have to build up strength to make it feel easy, it’s not really easy. It’s hard.

Improving your running technique never, ever involves working harder. Instead it involves learning to work with your body instead of against it.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how much faster you run.

The Balanced Runner™ has helped over a million runners and triathletes–beginner to Olympian–love running again and discover what’s really possible for them.

Our clients also become more versatile and skillful, responding to terrain, distances, conditions, and even footwear with the necessary adjustments. Their stubborn injuries fade away and they become injury-resilient, able to spend more time training productively and more years of their lives doing the sport they love.

It’s time to stop working so hard when you run, trying to force your body to run “correctly” and losing time to pain and injury.

It’s time to find and access the coordination that makes running feel natural, smooth, and free. Like it does in your dreams.

Get Your Core in Action

Your core holds the key to running the way you were meant to. The problem is that conventional core stability exercises interfere with natural, flowing and fast running. Try this free audio lesson to discover your core action and set yourself free.

Forget Your Footstrike

Fixing your footstrike was supposed to keep you healthy, but instead it spawned an epidemic of confusion. Try this free audio lesson to learn why you can’t directly manipulate your footstrike and how to get it to optimize spontaneously instead. Then never worry about it again.

Become a Balanced Runner

Remember that perfect run you once had, when everything felt smooth and free and like you could run forever? You can feel that way again. In fact you can own it for good. Here are the keys to becoming a
Balanced Runner.

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I had the good fortune of meeting Jae while I was giving a lecture at a race in NYC. She impressed me with her incredible knowledge of how people run and the ease with which she could determine a fault in someone’s running form. I had her work with my wife, 3x Olympian Jen Rhines, and it was incredible to see how much more efficient Jae could make Jen’s stride be with just a few sessions. Jen worked with Jae consistently over the next two months and went on to win 2 national championships.

Terrence Mahon, High Performance Program Coach, Boston Athletic Association

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