Learn to make running feel fluid, free, and a little like you're flying.

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Get Your Core in Action

Your core holds the key to running the way you were meant to. The problem is that conventional core stability exercises interfere with natural, flowing and fast running. Try this free audio lesson to discover your core action and set yourself free.

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Forget Your Footstrike

Fixing your footstrike was supposed to keep you healthy, but instead it spawned an epidemic of confusion. Try this free audio lesson to learn why you can’t directly manipulate your footstrike and how to get it to optimize spontaneously instead. Then never worry about it again.

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Become a Balanced Runner

Remember that perfect run you once had, when everything felt smooth and free and like you could run forever? You can feel that way again. In fact you can own it for good. Here are The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner.

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I had the good fortune of meeting Jae while I was giving a lecture at a race in NYC. She impressed me with her incredible knowledge of how people run and the ease with which she could determine a fault in someone’s running form. I had her work with my wife, 3x Olympian Jen Rhines, and it was incredible to see how much more efficient Jae could make Jen’s stride be with just a few sessions. Jen worked with Jae consistently over the next two months and went on to win 2 national championships.”

Terrence Mahon, High Performance Program Coach, Boston Athletic Association

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