The Running Form Instructions that Killed the Barefoot Running Movement

the barefoot running movement may seem over, but you're probably still affected by it

Back in 2009-2010, as the barefoot running movement picked up steam, I was excited. I thought I was going to see a world full of healthier, happier runners with better running form. But that’s not what happened. The reasons it should have happened are still solid: running without cushioned soles causes runners to reorganize their … Read more

Why Impact Is Your Friend (Video Interview)

A couple of days ago I had such a fun conversation with Dr. Heather Denniston on The Junk You Should Know Show about impact (and why it’s your friend, not your enemy), how to tell if your form is really getting better, the Feldenkrais Method, and my background and practice. Watch the interview below and … Read more

How to Hack Your Running

How to Hack Your Running

“Hack” is not my favorite word. I suspect many distance runners and other endurance athletes feel the same way. We know the greatest rewards come with patience, time, commitment, and consistent effort rather than looking for shortcuts. But for exactly those reasons, endurance athletes sometimes fall into the trap of substituting brute force and stubbornness … Read more

Breathing, the Day, and Setting 427 Records: Ultrarunner William Sichel

I first got to know multiple record-setting ultramarathoner William Sichel when he signed up for my online running technique camp last year. At the time I had no idea who he was. But as I got to know his accomplishments and his approach I realized that all the runners I work with–not just the ultrarunners–could benefit from … Read more

Solve Your Running Injury Webinar

Have you been struggling with an injury for what seems like forever? Or are you worried that’s what’s going to happen? If you’re like a lot of my clients, you’ve already been to a doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, Pilates teacher, yoga class, acupuncturist, and you’re foam rolling religiously. And still your problem lingers. This … Read more

The Conscious Runner

An old dance friend of mine recently started running and posted about it on Facebook. Lots of people commented on her post, congratulating and encouraging her. But I was shocked at the number of commiserating comments from other runners about how bad running feels. In fact, there was not a single comment from anyone saying they enjoy running. I know the … Read more