You Don’t Need a Method

Someone recently asked me whether we need a special method for learning how to run. It was a rhetorical question, as the person was making a point that running is natural for our species and the world class distance runners learned “without a special method.” But actually it’s a fair question. I firmly believe there … Read more

I Tried Everything to Run Better

Down deep every runner has The Dream, the fantasy in which they run almost without effort, just flowing or flying over the earth. But if you google “running quotes,” most of what you’ll find them talking about is hard work and suffering. That is the painful predicament many runners know all too well. Running doesn’t feel … Read more

Jane Brody Walks on Air

“I had long refrained from writing about this method of countering pain because I thought it was some sort of New Age gobbledygook with no scientific basis. Boy, was I wrong!” So wrote Jane Brody, health and fitness writer for the New York Times, in the Well blog this past Tuesday. She went on to … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about The Balanced Runner Online Camp

This week as I’ve introduced The Balanced Runner Online Camp, a number of people have emailed me with questions about it. Since they’re mostly the same six questions, I thought it would be helpful to share the answers with you in case you have one of these questions too. The Most Important Factor The key … Read more

Thanks, Runner’s World!

I’ll have an analysis of the elites in today’s Chicago Marathon for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I want to share a bit of good news I got this week: Runner’s World UK included me in their “70 Most Influential People In Running” piece in the November 2017 issue. Having an influence–helping fewer runners get injured and more … Read more

How to Make Sure Your Running Relieves Stress (instead of making it worse!)

Four blog posts ago I started this series on running and stress by sharing a stress-reducing “orienting” exercise that involves simply looking around and allowing your senses to work together. That might seem so simple it’s almost stupid until you check how you’re using your eyes at various points during the day. I bet for … Read more

Introducing The Balanced Runner Online Camp

Over the course of this week I’ve told you my story of learning how to run—complete with some real dunderhead moments. Through that, you saw how learning to move better is critical to realizing the dream of smooth, flowing, easy running. Not exercise, not pushing, not shoes, but a really effective learning process targeting the … Read more

Last Chance to Work with Jae in Edinburgh!

“Running inspires in us a deep curiosity about the unexplored territory within. Whether training to make an Olympic Team or to run healthy and happy for the rest of our lives the quest to expand the “new frontier” inside ourselves, is universal and eternal. My “Tips for Competition” pertain to the inner landscape…The opportunity to … Read more

Let’s All Win

Last week I told you the big news that The Balanced Runner will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in early January. I promised to give you a sneak peek of the campaign video, and here it is! Does this sound like a mission you can get behind? If so, I have something special for you. I’m forming an … Read more

The Conscious Runner

An old dance friend of mine recently started running and posted about it on Facebook. Lots of people commented on her post, congratulating and encouraging her. But I was shocked at the number of commiserating comments from other runners about how bad running feels. In fact, there was not a single comment from anyone saying they enjoy running. I know the … Read more