How to Use Wearable Tech to Improve Your Gait

runner using wearable tech to improve her gait

Data on your running has become easy to get. But it remains hard to act on, especially when it comes to using wearable tech (such as sports watches) to improve your gait. Alex Hutchinson recently wrote about a 4-stage framework for using the training data from wearable tech. The stages are: descriptive–what happened diagnostic–why did … Read more

Running Speed Hack

a runner can get an instant boost of speed by using this trick

Here’s a simple trick you can do to pick up the pace, especially when you want to run faster but your body just somehow isn’t responding. I’m not a big fan of tricks and hacks. I want you to learn deeply and be transformed. But tricks do have their place, especially for a runner committed … Read more

Run Faster with this Upper Body Strength Program

a good upper body strength program for runners activates the entire kinetic chain, as in this version of a lat row with leg lift

Conventional wisdom says an upper body strength program helps runners hold their posture and have a better arm carriage. But if you do it right, the benefits go way beyond that. There’s a way to do an upper body workout that actually makes your legs work better, giving you a distinct pop of energy from … Read more

Strength Training for Running–Avoid These Pitfalls!

good strength training for runners should include functional, full-body activities such as kettlebells

The idea that distance runners should regularly do strength work to avoid injury has become pretty popular in recent years. It can indeed be very helpful for performing your best, and as a human being your fitness needs include other things besides running. But there are some significant potential pitfalls to be aware of if … Read more

Should You Listen to Music While Running? It Depends.

is it okay to listen to music when you run?

Whether or not listening to music while you run is a good idea depends on why you want to do it. Let’s look at the specifics so you can find the best answer for your situation. To Tune Out Pain and Discomfort Some research suggests music effectively does this. But it doesn’t report how the … Read more

London Marathon 2020: Kosgei, Hall, Chepng’etich, Kitata, Kipchumba, Kipchoge

Sara Hall passes Ruth Chepng'etich London 2020

What a joy to watch a marathon again. Let’s just dive right in and look at the different movement strategies the runners used and how this related to their performances. As interesting as it is to watch any individual athlete, it’s in comparing athletes that you really see how they’re running. Brigid Kosgei and Ruth … Read more

How to Run Faster

Running faster means running differently. Form changes with speed. Some of those changes will happen automatically. Sometimes, though, runners don’t know how to let them happen, and make extra effort fighting themselves or trying to keep running with the same form regardless of speed. This week in my Stuck-at-Home Running Form Tips I’ve been looking … Read more

What No One Tells You About Footstrike

Plantar fasciitis or fasciosis, achilles problems, runner’s knee, lower back pain… improving your form by working to change your footstrike is supposed to help with these problems and also make running feel better. But your footstrike is only part of the story, and trying to change it without making a few other key changes generally … Read more

2016 NYC Marathon Running Form Analysis: Huddle, Ghebreslassie

While there were lots of interesting comparisons to make between runners in the 2016 NYC marathon, what really jumped out at me was the unusual thing both Molly Huddle (3rd place woman) and Ghirmay Ghebreslassie (1st place man) were doing with their legs. Here are screenshots of Huddle: And here are screenshots of Ghebreslassie: As you can see, the space between both runners’ knees … Read more