“Just” Run Faster

Learn to run faster

The other day I was outside with a client, watching him run and asking him to notice certain things he was doing. A man I didn’t know walked past my client as he ran to the far end of the block, then offered the opinion, “He looks absolutely fine, he just needs to run faster.”  … Read more

Feldenkrais for Runners

Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

Last week I explained how barefoot running helps you stay healthy by providing endless variety in your running form. That variety helps spread out the stress to your tissues so you don’t keep breaking down the same areas over and over, risking injury. It also helps you cope with the unexpected – rough terrain, obstacles, … Read more

Trying Out Steve Maxwell’s Vestibular Reset (via Christopher McDougall)

Steve Maxwell teaches Christopher McDougall to roll (screenshot)

Last week I came across Steve Maxwell’s Vestibular Reset on Christopher McDougall’s blog. It looked good to me so I’ve been testing it out as a pre-run warmup. Take a look at the video and read the accompanying article first and then come back for my comments. This “vestibular reset” could also be called a … Read more

Free Your Feet – Behind the Scenes

I’d like to share with you a little of my thinking that went into creating Free Your Feet. The kind of Achilles and calf stress that tends to develop during the process of transitioning to forefoot striking and minimalist running tends to occur due to overstriding, with the hip joints too flexed, the pelvis held … Read more