The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner

As we approach the end of the year we naturally turn to review and reflection. In that spirit, here are The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner, the 10 interrelating elements of healthy, flowing, free running. I wrote one or two blog posts about each of them over the past year, but here they are all in one place … Read more

What to Do When Your Running Technique Won’t Improve

The magazines, your coach or physio, a multitude of books and, yes, even bloggers are telling you your problems will be solved by improving your running technique. You’ll be faster, you won’t be injured as much, and you’ll become the runner you dream of being. Maybe you feel yourself moving in the right direction, slow … Read more

Should You Increase Your Stride Rate?

One of the generally accepted elements of good running technique these days is cultivating a stride rate of 180 or above (meaning your feet touch the ground 180 or more times per minute). For a number of years I have recommended this as well. However a few clues have recently begun to suggest something different to me, and this month … Read more

The Balanced Runner Keys Series: Acceptance

This post is the eleventh in a series explaining The Balanced Runner Keys. One of the first questions I ask a client before seeing them run is this: “Is there anything you’ve been trying to do with your running form?” About half say yes, and maybe mention something about their arms or not slouching or picking … Read more

The Balanced Runner Keys Series: Awareness

This post is the tenth in a series explaining The Balanced Runner Keys. You’re probably reading this blog because you want to learn the right way to run. You may have very pressing reasons for that — perhaps you’re hurt, or you feel like running is really taking a toll on your body, or you feel … Read more

How to Breathe When You Run (part two)

This post is the ninth in the series on The Balanced Runner Keys. Last week I explained the first part of Balanced Runner Key #8, “Breathe downward, taking an odd number of steps per breath cycle. This week I’ll tackle the second half, that stumper of an instruction regarding steps per breath cycle. By “breath cycle” I mean … Read more

How to Breathe When You Run (part one)

This post is the eighth in the series on The Balanced Runner Keys. Many runners feel instinctively that breathing is at the crux of their struggles with running and have pressing questions about how to do it. This instinct is right on the mark: how you breathe when you run affects your ability to find … Read more

The Balanced Runner Keys Series: Keep your Hands Close to your Heart

This post is the fifth in a series explaining The Balanced Runner Keys. Distance running armswing tends to be an afterthought — you probably think of it after your footstrike, your core, your posture, your cadence, and so forth. That’s a mistake, since your running form is a whole-body cycle of events driven by your … Read more

Balanced Runner Keys Series: Land with a Supple Leg

This post is the third in a series explaining the Balanced Runner Keys. For years – since roughly 2004, in fact – I’ve been telling people to avoid heelstriking and overstriding, and instead to land midfoot/forefoot–or roughly flatfoot if you’re wearing conventional running trainers–underneath you. In many quarters this is considered to be the very … Read more