How to Fix “Forward Head Posture”

I’d intended to move on to more running-related issues involving forward head and stress today, but so many people responded to last week’s blog post on “Forward Head Posture” with practical questions about how to avoid it that I thought it was worth spending one more week on the topic to give you some solutions. … Read more

Deep Relaxation Audio Lesson (free download!)

Today I have a bit more on running and stress for you; after this I’ll be back to blogging about running technique. I’m starting to get excited for the Olympics, are you? I promise you some running form/technique analyses of the distance events. I’ve spent a long time on the topic of stress, though, because through … Read more

Running Meditation

Running Deep -- a collection of guided meditations for runners

Stress and running has been the theme of my summer so far, as you know from my recent blog posts. I thought I was finished with that series, but then in one of those delightful coincidences life is so full of, last week I finally got around to listening to some of the tracks on … Read more

How to Make Sure Your Running Relieves Stress (instead of making it worse!)

Four blog posts ago I started this series on running and stress by sharing a stress-reducing “orienting” exercise that involves simply looking around and allowing your senses to work together. That might seem so simple it’s almost stupid until you check how you’re using your eyes at various points during the day. I bet for … Read more

Too Stressed and No Time to Run

I’ve had ample opportunity recently to think about stress and movement. As I sought ways to ease my stress over the past few unsettled months–four moves in two months with my family, living out of suitcases in a new country where we speak the language to only a limited degree–I found that movement was the stress-reducer I … Read more