The Balanced Runner Will Do Better

In this time of protest against the death of George Floyd and so many others, I am looking for ways I can be a better ally in the fight against racism. The death of Ahmaud Arbery haunts me in particular because he was a runner and part of the community I serve. I’ve been aware … Read more

What Sitting Does To Your Running

You’ve probably heard that prolonged sitting is unhealthy, raising your risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. However sitting is particularly bad for runners in two specific ways. And for some reason, no one is talking about one of them. The Effect of Sitting on Your Glutes and Hip Flexors The first and better-known … Read more

What I learned from my blog in 2017

As the finish line of 2017 comes into view I decided to spend a few moments looking over my blogging of the past year. I thought I hadn’t written much, but in fact I wrote 31 posts, covered a lot of ground, and learned a great deal. It may seem like I blog to teach, and while this is … Read more

What will you do today?

Today is different things to different people. To us, who love to run, it can be a chance to celebrate our love of the fresh air, the beautiful earth, and the wonder of our moving bodies. This weekend I will have some special holiday gifts on sale to help you give meaningful gifts to your runner … Read more

Tell me what you want me to blog about

Okay folks! There are three months left in the year, and I’m ready to take some blogging requests. I will be doing running form analyses for the Chicago and NYC marathons, but other than that I’m flexible. What would you like to learn from me? Also, I plan to do a running form analysis of a … Read more

Running Meditation

Running Deep -- a collection of guided meditations for runners

Stress and running has been the theme of my summer so far, as you know from my recent blog posts. I thought I was finished with that series, but then in one of those delightful coincidences life is so full of, last week I finally got around to listening to some of the tracks on … Read more

How to Fix “Forward Head Posture”

I’d intended to move on to more running-related issues involving forward head and stress today, but so many people responded to last week’s blog post on “Forward Head Posture” with practical questions about how to avoid it that I thought it was worth spending one more week on the topic to give you some solutions. … Read more

Thank You!

The Balanced Runner Indiegogo campaign has ended. Thank you for all your help and support. [wpdevart_youtube]2F3JTJo2EQY[/wpdevart_youtube] I’ll be taking a wee hiatus now to pack my family up and move from Edinburgh to Berlin. I will still be reachable via email however, and I’ll be back to blogging in April. Meanwhile, enjoy browsing through well over 100 … Read more

It Ends Today

I have a quick reminder for you: today is the final day of The Balanced Runner Indiegogo campaign, where you can get 60% off my online camps as well as training resources I don’t offer anywhere else. And you’ll be helping me grow my business as well!  Are you wondering whether the training resources I’m offering are right for you? I’ve gotten … Read more

Special “Ask Jae” hour: Friday 19 February 2016, 5pm GMT

Tomorrow is the next-to-the-last day of The Balanced Runner Indiegogo Campaign! Do you have any questions for me? Maybe something you’ve been wondering about running technique, Feldenkrais, or my blog posts or programs, or a follow-up question from a webinar… You can find me on Zoom tomorrow at 5pm GMT for an hour and ask. Zoom is … Read more

Special Bonuses!

There are just 3 days left The Balanced Runner’s Indiegogo campaign, where you can find my best training resources at 60% off and your purchase helps me grow my company. I have a special announcement for this final stretch: I’ll be giving you extra bonuses when you buy any version of my Online Running Technique Camp before the end … Read more

A Gift from

Happy Wednesday! The Balanced Runner Indiegogo campaign is moving along nicely, 51% funded as I write this. For the next 5 days there’s an extra reason to spread the word and give it a boost: has generously donated discounted memberships to campaign contributors! A year and a half ago I created a 10-video course for Curious called … Read more

45 Percent!

It’s the middle of the first week of The Balanced Runner’s Indiegogo campaign and things are moving fast. In just a little over 3 days the campaign is already 45% of the way to our funding goal! I’m excited to start sending out the perks to everyone who contributed so far so you can start … Read more