How To Tell If You Overstride

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you overstride.

One of the questions we hear all the time from runners is, “How can I tell if I overstride? I’m not sure what I’m actually doing when I run.” Reading about running form, watching YouTube videos, and so forth may help you become well-informed about running but it doesn’t improve your ability to feel your … Read more

Sifan Hassan’s Running Form, London Marathon 2023

Sifan Hassan running form analysis, London 2023

Sunday, April 23, 2023, was a historic day in the annals of mid-run stretching. On that day Sifan Hassan stopped twice–once for a brief quad stretch and once to stretch her glutes–and went on to win the London marathon. Let’s look at Sifan Hassan’s running form along with her explanation to understand what happened. After … Read more

Eliud Kipchoge Boston Marathon 2023 Running Form Analysis

Eliud Kipchoge leads the pack in the Boston Marathon 2023

To say Eliud Kipchoge’s Boston Marathon didn’t go the way most people anticipated is putting it mildly. And yet this performance was actually more revealing about what makes him one of the greatest marathoners of all time than his many successes have been. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling a baffled sense of unreality … Read more

What’s the Best Running Form for a Fast Marathon?

Hellen Obiri winning the 2023 RAK Half

I found an email in my inbox on Wednesday from Robert Johnson, one of the founders of, the top running news site on the internet. He wanted to know whether I thought Hellen Obiri has the best running form for a marathon–or even workable form for that distance. It had just been announced that …

Use Senses Instead of Sensors

Here’s a resolution that will transform you as an athlete more than anything else you could do. I realize if you were going to set a New Year’s Resolution for your running this year you’ve probably already done it. But as of today you’ve still got 357 days left in the year, so it’s not …

“Run Lola Run” Gait Analysis

Franka Potente with excellent gait in Run Lola Run

People have been asking me to do a gait analysis of Franka Potente’s character Lola in the film Run Lola Run for years. I love this movie and only hesitated to write about it because I was afraid only people my age or older would know it. (I was 28 when it came out in … Read more

Drafting to Reduce Drag: the Effects of Air Resistance on Runners

runner in a headwind behind blowing grasses

Alex Hutchinson recently wrote about a study showing significant benefits from drafting behind other runners to reduce drag, or air resistance in a marathon. In a real-world situation it would amount to a savings of somewhere between 3-4 minutes due to less energy spent pushing yourself forwards–whether you’re Eliud Kipchoge, Brigid Kosgei, or simply a … Read more

Boston Marathon 2022 Running Form Analysis: Jepchirchir, Yeshaneh, Jepkosgei, Seidel, Chebet, Cherono

Jepchirchir, Yeshaneh, and Jepkosgei in the 2022 Boston Marathon

As Peres Jepchirchir and Ababel Yeshaneh raced towards the finish line of the 2022 Boston Marathon, one of the announcers observed Jepchirchir’s form looked, “like she’s about to fall over.” A short time later she left Yeshaneh behind for the last time and broke the tape. So did Jepchirchir win despite her form or because … Read more

Are You Able to Run?

two people who are able to run down the street just because they feel like it

For many of us, whether we’re able to run is just a question about how we like to get our exercise. Are you a runner or are you the type who does yoga daily and says with a laugh that you only run, “If something’s chasing me.” For others, though, running is a fundamental job … Read more

Running Speed Hack

a runner can get an instant boost of speed by using this trick

Here’s a simple trick you can do to pick up the pace, especially when you want to run faster but your body just somehow isn’t responding. I’m not a big fan of tricks and hacks. I want you to learn deeply and be transformed. But tricks do have their place, especially for a runner committed … Read more