Sifan Hassan’s Running Form, London Marathon 2023

Sifan Hassan running form analysis, London 2023

Sunday, April 23, 2023, was a historic day in the annals of mid-run stretching. On that day Sifan Hassan stopped twice–once for a brief quad stretch and once to stretch her glutes–and went on to win the London marathon. Let’s look at Sifan Hassan’s running form along with her explanation to understand what happened. After … Read more

Eliud Kipchoge Boston Marathon 2023 Running Form Analysis

Eliud Kipchoge leads the pack in the Boston Marathon 2023

To say Eliud Kipchoge’s Boston Marathon didn’t go the way most people anticipated is putting it mildly. And yet this performance was actually more revealing about what makes him one of the greatest marathoners of all time than his many successes have been. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling a baffled sense of unreality … Read more

“Run Lola Run” Gait Analysis

Franka Potente with excellent gait in Run Lola Run

People have been asking me to do a gait analysis of Franka Potente’s character Lola in the film Run Lola Run for years. I love this movie and only hesitated to write about it because I was afraid only people my age or older would know it. (I was 28 when it came out in … Read more

Boston Marathon 2022 Running Form Analysis: Jepchirchir, Yeshaneh, Jepkosgei, Seidel, Chebet, Cherono

Jepchirchir, Yeshaneh, and Jepkosgei in the 2022 Boston Marathon

As Peres Jepchirchir and Ababel Yeshaneh raced towards the finish line of the 2022 Boston Marathon, one of the announcers observed Jepchirchir’s form looked, “like she’s about to fall over.” A short time later she left Yeshaneh behind for the last time and broke the tape. So did Jepchirchir win despite her form or because … Read more

Tom Cruise Running Form Analysis

Tom Cruise running

The actor Tom Cruise’s running form has been much discussed but little analyzed. That’s a shame because there’s so much to see. If you’ve watched a couple of his movies you can probably close your eyes and picture him running. However if you’d like a little help, this video will do the trick: The one … Read more

Turkey Trot Gait Analysis

wild turkey trot gait analysis--beautiful animals in motion

As you lace up your shoes for a traditional Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day race, here are a few tips from a real turkey trot gait analysis that may help your performance. Take a look at this video of three wild turkeys–two hens and a tom, I think–running down a road. (I recommend viewing with the … Read more

2021 NYC Marathon Running Form Analysis–Jepchirchir, Korir

Jepchirchir, Cheptoo, Yeshaneh NYC 2021 Marathon

2021 NYC marathon champs Peres Jepchirchir and Albert Korir both had running form signatures that set them apart from the rest of their elite competitors. Runners of any level can benefit from understanding how their gait strategies worked for them. At the time of this writing there doesn’t appear to be an official race highlights … Read more

Gait Analysis of the Core Action

This is the first in a series of videos I’ll be sharing from a session in a gait lab. Today’s video looks at the core action in the context of normal running. For gait analysis professionals, here are the details: the markers on my pelvis were on the ASIS and PSIS on each side, and those … Read more