Thanks, Runner’s World!

I’ll have an analysis of the elites in today’s Chicago Marathon for you tomorrow. Meanwhile, I want to share a bit of good news I got this week: Runner’s World UK included me in their “70 Most Influential People In Running” piece in the November 2017 issue.

Having an influence–helping fewer runners get injured and more runners recover, feel good, and have their running dreams come true–has long been my mission and I’m so happy I’m having an effect.

If you pick up the issue, you’ll find me on page 47 along with folks I truly admire, including Alex Hutchinson, Ross Tucker, Tim Spector, and Katy Bowman. Quite an honor.

On the subject of having an influence, I gave a webinar yesterday called Solve Your Running Injury. If you missed it, you can catch the replay here.

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