Introducing The Balanced Runner Online Camp

Over the course of this week I’ve told you my story of learning how to run—complete with some real dunderhead moments. Through that, you saw how learning to move better is critical to realizing the dream of smooth, flowing, easy running. Not exercise, not pushing, not shoes, but a really effective learning process targeting the movements used in running.

I also mentioned yesterday that I’ve created an online program to give you that kind of learning experience.

Today I’m excited to tell you all about my online running technique “camp,” a program you can do at home that takes you from how you’re running now to how you dream of running.

Introducing The Balanced Runner Online Camp

The lessons in the camp will develop your ability to feel what you’re doing, choose how to run, know the key hallmarks of easy, smooth running technique are and recognize them when they appear, ease and maybe even erase your pain, discomfort, niggles, and overuse injuries, and help you run faster without trying harder. In short, your running will feel great.

The Balanced Runner Online Camp is unlike other running technique programs because it uses the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education, a recognized neuroplastic method that facilitates profound change in your ability to move and function. We’ll go way beyond drills and cues, instead doing lessons that allow you to feel how your body works and move much more powerfully and effectively.

You can see what it’s all about right here.

More specifically, you’ll get a structured six-week program of Feldenkrais lessons and supporting material. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • week 1: finding your core action and getting more comfortable knees
  • week 2: using the gravity/glute connection to de-stress your feet, ankles, and hamstrings
  • week 3: finding the arm/hip connection and using it to get rid of shoulder tension
  • week 4: learning the obliques/gluteus medius synergy to run more symmetrically and reduce IT band tension and pain
  • week 5: how to bring it all together and feel good on every run
  • week 6: organizing your head, shoulders, and arms to take it to the next level

You’ll also get a bonus lesson to relieve achilles stress.

I’ll also give weekly webinars covering:

  • how to shift your mindset from pushing to learning
  • running biomechanics and the key elements of healthy running technique
  • stride rate and breathing
  • warming up and cooling down
  • cross-training and footwear
  • arm technique

There are also weekly live Q&A calls, a private Facebook group where you can post your questions, share your experiences, and get help from me, and the option to have video running form analysis and 1:1 coaching from me for an extra charge.

And the best part is that instead of this massive amount of material creating information overload, as can happen with books and courses about running biomechanics, you’ll actually find your mind getting quieter and your body moving in a way that feels natural, spontaneous, and good. Some people call this “getting out of your mind and into your body.”

Now, the situation is this: I’ve got a short timeframe for enrollment this time around, and it closes at 11:59 pm PST tomorrow, Friday 13 May. I realize that probably sounds like a pressure tactic but it isn’t; due to an unexpected turn of events in March my spring schedule ended up getting compressed so I could apartment hunt for my family in a new country! Hence the short window.

In any case, if this sounds like something you might want to do, head right over and take a look at it now.

Here’s the link.

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