For Injured Runners: This Helps with Pain

Today I’m excited to share with you a podcast created by Brooke Thomas of Liberated Being, interviewing Todd Hargrove of If you follow me on social media you know I’m a huge fan of Brooke’s podcast and recommend it for anyone who wants to delve into the cutting edge of movement education and therapy. This particular interview, however, is so valuable to injured runners for the insights about pain and movement that I had to share it more widely.

Since I’ve had problems linking to the podcast from within this post, here is the URL for the podcast — just copy and paste it into your browser:

Give it a listen and you’ll learn why pain is not an accurate indicator of damage to our bodies, what the connection is between your cortical map (or the map you have of your body) and chronic pain, how to use slow, gentle, safe-feeling movement explorations as a powerful treatment for pain, and what the relationship is between motor control and your behavior in general. It’s basically 42 minutes of myth-busting and mind-blowing, and you’ll feel very different about any pain you have afterwards.

I’ll be back next weekend with a few special holiday gift offers, stay tuned!

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