Do the New “Super Shoes” Affect Your Running Form? (Survey)

By Jae Gruenke | Natural Running Form

Dec 13

When athletes begin to run in the so-called “super shoes,” such as the Nike Vaporfly series and new models from other companies, running form changes seem to accompany the change in footwear. I want to understand this better, but as different brands make their own versions it becomes more difficult to generalize.

For me this is an important question because what works in these shoes–and what’s even possible for a runner’s form–will likely be different than in conventional shoes, minimalist shoes, or barefoot.

So I decided it was time to ask you for your help! If you have a pair of any of these shoes that use a combination of carbon fiber and special foam, I’d be grateful if you’d fill out the survey below and share it with your friends who have the shoes as well.

I’ll be writing on this topic in the coming months, and the more information I have, the more helpful I can be.

If the embedded form below isn’t working for you, access the survey via this link.

Many thanks!


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About the Author

Jae Gruenke, GCFP, is a running technique expert and Feldenkrais Practitioner. Known as a “running form guru,” she is the Founder and CEO of The Balanced Runner™ in New York City and The Balanced Runner UK. She has helped runners from beginner to Olympian improve their form to become pain-free, economical, and fast.

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Coach Dion December 13, 2020

Love the questions you are asking.

Wish I could help, but at those prices… Not a chance.
I currently do most of my running in Sandals..! But today I put on my old Salming trail shoes.
The softness /bounce was all there, but I don’t know if it was faster than sandals?
Interested to hear what answers you get. And what you make of it.

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