The Core Action Running Technique Training Camp

You read this blog to help you learn running technique that feels healthy, natural, and fluid. You read it to help you fulfill your potential for joyful running and excellent performance. But there’s a limit to what reading about running technique can do, and perhaps you’re beginning to feel you’d like to move beyond the theory to really making some changes.

So beginning Sunday 15 March 2015 I’m going to offer a 4-week online Core Action Running Technique Training Camp. In the camp we’ll go through my Core Action Running Technique Program together. I’ll send you lessons at structured intervals to keep you on track, and I’ll give you guidance, offer feedback, answer your questions, and help you out with additional support materials so you master The Balanced Runner Keys and feel smoother, faster, and more balanced and healthy in your running.

I’ve already thoroughly tested out the Core Action Program by itself and know it works to transform running technique. But I also know that trying to do an online course by yourself can feel overwhelming and leave you yearning for answers to your questions, reassurance you’re on the right track, and support to help you make it all the way through without getting sidetracked by life’s many demands. This training camp is a way I can give you the support you may need to get the transformation you’re looking for.

This camp is for you if you feel you’re constantly dealing with one niggle or another but don’t have an outright injury that currently prevents you from running. (Injured runners are best served by individualized work, so I encourage you to come see me or someone who’s worked with me one-to-one for help sorting out your movement in that case.)

Since this is the first time I’m offering a program like this I want to keep the number of students small — 15 runners max — to make sure I can meet your learning needs and give you individual attention. For the same reason I’ll be keeping the price low — just £49/$75, slightly more than the price of the “plus” version of the audio program by itself, and less than the price of a single one-to-one lesson with me.

Enrollment in the training camp is by application only so I can make sure the content is appropriate for you. So if you’re interested please email me now to get the detailed course description, answers to any questions you have, and instructions on how to apply. I’ll begin accepting registrations next weekend, Sunday 1 March 2015.

6 thoughts on “The Core Action Running Technique Training Camp”

  1. Hi Jae
    I think the training camp might be ideal for me. The description of having repeated niggles but no outright injury pretty much sums me up. Can you please let me know if you think the course would be appropriate and how to apply



  2. Hi Jae,

    This training camp sounds very interesting. I have been following your blog for a long time and always find the posts interesting. Looking forward to getting more details about the camp.



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