Starting in the Middle

Every time I go out for a run I come back with a blog post written in my head.  But it never seems like the right “first post.”  I feel like I ought to start right if I’m going to start, explaining who I am, what I believe, what background and training form the basis of my work, and why I want to write this blog.  Because I never return from a run with that post written, all those other posts I’ve written in my head never came to be.

So instead of writing the First Post, I’m going to start in the middle.  If you feel like you’ve arrived in the middle of a conversation at a dinner party, please read the rest of the pages on this site, watch my videos on YouTube and Curious, read my articles on my American website, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  You’ll pick up where we are pretty quickly and I can finally start letting these blog posts out of my head into the world, where they will hopefully help you and other runners.

I believe we can all become balanced runners!

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