Let’s All Win

Last week I told you the big news that The Balanced Runner will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in early January. I promised to give you a sneak peek of the campaign video, and here it is!

Does this sound like a mission you can get behind?

If so, I have something special for you.

I’m forming an Early Action Team who will contribute to the campaign on the first two days, and then reach out to your closest running buddies, tell them how The Balanced Runner can help them, and invite them to contribute as well.

Everyone who contributes (even as little as $5!) will be able to choose a reward. These include my best offerings — recordings, guides, consultations, and my online running camps — available for less then half the usual selling price. This way you can start the new year with a boost to your running at a big discount.

Early contributions are critical for The Balanced Runner to be able to take the leap I envision. Crowdfunding campaigns need to make serious progress in their first few days in order to attract the attention, confidence, and support of new people. And that has to happen in order to meet our goal!

So in gratitude for your precious early support, I’ll have a bonus gift for all the Early Action folks who contribute in the first two days. It’s an audio recording called The Midrun Mirror Trick, to help you resolve non-injury pain and niggles that crop up during a run.

If you’d like to be part of my Early Action Team, contributing and personally reaching out to your circle in the first two days of the campaign, please sign up here.

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