How to Run Faster

Running faster means running differently. Form changes with speed. Ideally those changes will happen automatically, but sometimes runners have no idea how to run faster other than training harder.

When a runner doesn’t know how to let the necessary changes happen to their form they waste energy fighting themselves. A lot of runners keep running with the same form regardless of speed, which is incredibly tiring.

A few years ago in my Stuck-at-Home Running Form Tips I looked in depth at the form changes needed for faster running. You’ll be surprised at what happens to your speed when you learn how to do these properly.

Start learning how to run faster by watching the videos and, for anything you find difficult, trying the recommended lesson or resource. That should get you on your way towards making fast running much, much easier.

You’ll also want to take a look at my blog post on one of the biggest pitfalls associated with trying to get faster.

If you’re a person who wants to really master this aspect of technique, my course 21 Days to Your Next PR will guide you to actually feel the changes you need to make–better than watching a video could ever do.

Have fun and share your experiences below!

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