Supple Legs

Landing with more supple legs significantly reduces the pounding you take when you run. It can help reduce foot, knee, and lower back stress and help you sustain your momentum.

Simply the idea of allowing your legs to be bent and relaxed as your feet meet the ground can be easy to execute and make a noticeable difference for some runners, but others find it more difficult, or find that the moment they stop thinking about supple legs their legs return to being nearly straight at footstrike.

The solution for this is a better balance of movement in your torso–that is, from hips to shoulders. I call this movement your “core action,” because it’s a small but very important activity of your core through a range of motion. Without it you can’t shift your weight to walk or run, and optimizing it can make a huge difference in the way your legs work.

My go-to resource for improving the core action is a Feldenkrais lesson I call “Loosening Up to Run.” As the name suggests, it helps prepare you to be mobile, balanced, and comfortable for running.

Doing this lesson will help your legs become more supple and your running much smoother and easier.

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