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Gift Certificates for The Balanced Runner Online Running Technique Camp

available through January 2, 2018 


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Remember that perfect run you once had, when everything felt smooth and free and like you could run forever? You can feel that way again. In fact, you can make it your usual way of running.

For more than a decade I’ve been helping runners from beginner to Olympian learn to work with their bodies so that running feels the way it was meant to. I’ve distilled that experience into The Balanced Runner Online Running Technique Camp, which uses the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education to help you not only understand what you need to do to run well, but actually feel how to do it.

The six weeks you invest in this camp will start paying off in the very first week and continue moving you ahead of where you are for the forseeable future. Learn more about the camp.

Price $260

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The Balanced Runner Online Camp | VIP Levelbroc-vip-gift-certificate

Get intensive personal support as you go through The Balanced Runner Online Camp. This includes online video analysis from Jae at the beginning and end of the camp and email support throughout. Learn more about the camp.

Price: $550.  Only 10 available.

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