The Lean Better Resources

Here are your videos of the dynamic calf warmup and the Start/Stop Game. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can refer to it again later!

The warmup is best done, as the name suggests, immediately before running, though you should also feel free to do it before you go out walking as well.

In the video I do it one leg at a time, but you can also do both legs at once–since I made the video I discovered it works just as well as a warmup and is, of course, faster.

You can do the Start/Stop Game whenever you like during your run. You may find it easier to do when you’re warm–midrun or at the end of you run–than at the beginning but you can experiment and see what you prefer. If working on your lean is a focus at this time, I recommend you do it regularly, perhaps even every time you run.

I’m delighted you’ve taken the opportunity to get these resources and try something new. And I’m looking forward to sending you more helpful information on how to run pain-free, economically, and faster on a semi-weekly basis.

Look for a brief email roughly every other Sunday with a link to my latest blog post, and please stay in touch via my blog and on social media.

May all your running dreams come true!