Download Free Your Feet

Here is your download of Free Your Feet. Be sure to do the whole lesson through from start to finish rather than doing parts of it on different days. You need to go through the whole learning experience in one go in order for the lesson to make sense and make a difference in your running.

If you’re currently unable to run due to pain and/or injury but can comfortably be in the position of hands and knees on the floor (as if you were going to crawl) you can still do this lesson and have it help with your recovery. When the recording says to run, just walk around a bit instead and pay attention to how your walking feels.

If you are currently able to run, be aware that Free Your Feet will temporarily–for 2-3 days–cause you to run more slowly. So don’t do it the day before a race or any other situation where you are supposed to be running fast.

This effect will wear off, though you can speed up that process without interfering with the benefits of the lesson by doing Mobilizing Your Core to Run the day after Free Your Feet.

Free Your Feet is called a lesson rather than an exercise because it’s meant to help you learn something rather than to be a drill or a strengthening activity. So you’ll get the biggest impact the first time you do it, though you should feel free to repeat it from time to time or even do a shorter version of your favorite movements if you like.

I’m delighted you’ve taken the opportunity to download these lessons and try something new. And I’m looking forward to sending you more helpful information on how to run pain-free, economically, and faster on a semi-weekly basis.

Look for a brief email from me most Sundays with a link to my latest blog post, and please stay in touch via my blog and on social media.

May all your running dreams come true!

To download either track please click on the    icon to the right of the track title in the track list.