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Now that you’ve made a fundamental transformation in your running, are you starting to wonder what comes next?

As you finish up the camp or a sequence of one-to-one lessons you probably feel really excited about the improvements in your running. But they also may feel so new you’re worried they’ll vanish like a mirage a month from now.

And even though the new way you’re running feels so much better than before, you may still feel like sometimes it isn’t completely smooth. There are still a few kinks, a tightness that sometimes comes back.  Some days running is perfect, like a dream, other days it’s more of a struggle.

You may also feel like you no longer fully fit in with your old team or running buddies–you have a different approach to pain, effort, training than the average runner, and you realize you’re listening to your body in a way runners don’t commonly do. And when other runners swap training or injury advice, you find yourself often disagreeing with them. Which would be fine if only they would listen to you! But they usually prefer to go with the more popular advice.

Most of all, though, you’re discovering you have a new appetite for learning and exploration. You have a hunch there’s still more to learn, more new things to experience… and who knows what kind of runner you might become if you keep on learning! You’re almost afraid to say it out loud, but you might even be able to get a bit faster and run your first marathon… or an obstacle race, an ultra, Mont Blanc, the Marathon Des Sables, or some other “impossible” possibility hiding deep inside your heart.

All of these feelings are very common for runners coming out of The Balanced Runner Online Camp or intensive one-to-one lessons.

Sue Evans felt many of these things when she completed the camp. Now, a year later, she says,

[pullquote align=”normal”]I am finding that my body ‘sense’ is keener…strange to say that at 55, but I am filled with a renewed sense of confidence in myself and how I move. This has translated into my yoga classes and my walking too. I have become someone who uses minimal shoes and I really enjoy that. In terms of my running I am getting faster and more consistent.[/pullquote]

Like Sue, many former camp or 1:1 students have continued to get faster afterwards, sometimes making their biggest gains a full year later.

The delicate newness of their running technique has turned into solid mastery, and they’ve added deeper layers of understanding to the basics they first learned.

They’ve set PRs, tackled new challenges, and enjoyed their running like never before.

And best of all they’ve developed a confidence in their bodies, movement, and ability to learn that has permeated not just their running, but their entire lives, helping them become the people they wanted to be, doing the things most important to them.

And they have helped, supported, and cheered each other on through all of this.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Joan A.”]Just to let you know I finished the Loch Ness marathon in just over 5.40 but without any injuries, pain or real discomfort. Just a bit of all over tiredness and now legs OK 2 days later. I put it all down to the Feldenkrais teaching you do. Who would have thought first marathon at 65!  Thanks very much for all your lessons. My sister and brother-in-law were marshalling at the event and they said my running form looked good relative to lots of the other runners so I’ll get them to do Feldenkrais yet![/pullquote]


How It All Started

As you know, I’ve been working with runners since 2003. Over all those years I’ve noticed that runners who have 16-20 lessons with me get really good. They change their running technique and get a solid handle on their deepest, most tenacious movement habits. They develop a big range of techniques to help them handle different running situations. And they go through not one, but at least two big jumps in their speed and performance.

But most people seem satisfied with just 5-8 lessons, after their basic running technique improves but long before they get these massive benefits. It’s always frustrated me–why do people stop so soon? Don’t they know how good their running really can be? Don’t they know what’s possible?

The answer, of course, is no they don’t. Most runners actually don’t guess how good it’s possible for their running to become. Even the initial transformation of their running technique that they get from their first handful of lessons is so much better than what most runners believe possible that it truly strains credulity that this might be only the beginning.

However I realize as well that most people have a lot of demands on their time and money. Weekly 1:1 lessons or a running camp that never ends might be tough for anyone but a professional runner to make time for. And many runners have stretched their budget to afford their initial work with The Balanced Runner and can’t afford it indefinitely.

So for years I’ve struggled with the question of how to put enough Feldenkrais within reach so the runners who come to me can go all the way.

One of my efforts to do this was making sure that by the end of an online camp or 1:1 lessons my clients had accumulated a small library of audio lessons covering work we’d done that they could return to when they needed a boost. It definitely helped people maintain what they’d learned and restore themselves to balance when circumstances threw them off, but it didn’t help them keep growing. And in many cases people felt at sea about when to do which recordings and thus ended up not doing any at all.

And then, after one of my online camps the participants (who had really bonded in the Facebook group) told me they wished it didn’t have to end. Suddenly the solution dawned on me.

And so The Balanced Runner Master Class was born.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”John B.”]When I had completed my running camp I was surprised at how aware I now was of what my body was doing while I was running. Now with the Master Class I have made significant advances… [including] newfound speed for the same effort just by following one simple instruction. The ongoing Master Classes have allowed me to continue to refine and improve my form and the regularity of the classes enables me to explore more of my capability and acts as a constant reminder to maintain my focus on good form.[/pullquote]


Introducing The Balanced Runner Master Class

The Balanced Runner Master Class is a monthly class taught live to help you review camp material in a systematic and yet ever fresh way, continue getting faster and feeling better, and continue exploring, experimenting, and making new discoveries.

It’s more than just a class; it’s a community dedicated to your continuing growth as a runner and a person, where you have ongoing support of like-minded souls, benefitting from others’ help and my guidance and teaching.

It turns your running into a wellspring that improves your entire life.

And enrollment is open right now.

More specifically, here’s how it works:

You get a new lesson once a month, on a regular schedule that’s easy to fit into your life. The class meets on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of each month.

The class is taught live so I can gear the lesson to what class members are doing. Here’s how we do that: 

  • The day before the class you’ll receive an email with pre-recorded pre- and post-lesson scans and a scan sheet (in case you prefer to use printed material), as well as a heads-up if you’ll need anything special like a chair or extra towels for the lesson. 
  • An hour before the class you’ll receive an email from me with the Zoom link, just as you have been doing for webinars and Q&A calls during the camp.
  • Just before the class you’ll go outside with your recording or scan sheet and do the pre-lesson scan. Then you’ll come indoors to do the lesson online with me.
  • I’m always online 15 minutes before the class to help you set your computer up so I can see you lying on the floor and be sure to give you the teaching you need.
  • After the lesson you’ll go back outside again and do the post-lesson scan.

If you can’t do the class live you’ll get the recordings to do later at your convenience. The Monday after the lesson we’ll post the scans, class video and audio recordings on the website so you can access them whenever you want. The remainder of the materials are posted within a week.

You’ll get tools to quickly and easily review the lesson and deepen your learning. I’ll also post one or two refreshers and a special ultra-short 3 1/2 minute version of the lesson called the Creedon Process. This allows you to review the lesson, expand your learning with new variations in a time-efficient format, and make headway on your deepest and most tenacious movement habits.

You’ll get a clear explanation of how the lesson relates to your running. Along with the class recordings you’ll find “A Few Thoughts,” where I’ve written about some of the changes you might have experienced in your running after the lesson, the relationship between the lesson movements and running, and anything else I feel would be helpful for your learning process.

You’ll get guidance on revisiting and learning more from the online camp lessons. At the end of each month’s class page you’ll find links to roughly five other lessons—lessons from the camp, past Master Class lessons, and lessons from other sources—that relate to the class and help clarify it. This helps you review lessons you’ve done before and learn new things from them.

You’ll have the support of an amazing community of runners who understand you. Master Class members have access to the special Master Class Facebook group. There you can share your experiences with and questions about the lessons,  tips on training, shoes, and other running-related topics, and cheer each other on and offer support. It’s a really special group of runners. And I’m there consistently answering questions and giving advice.

You’ll never run out of lessons to do. If you have a voracious appetite for learning you’ll find everything you need here. As a Master Class member you have access to all the Master Classes I’ve taught — over a year’s worth —in addition to the current and future classes.

The technology is easy to use. As a graduate of the online camp you’re already familiar with how to navigate Zoom and the membership area of balancedrunner.com–that’s all you need for the class! If you’re a 1:1 lesson graduate, you’ll pick it up easily and I’ll help you.

More help for your running is always available! As a Master Class member you get 20% off all The Balanced Runner’s offerings, including online video analysis, one-to-one lessons (online and in person), workshops, and retreats.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Olaf B.”]The Master Class, together with Jae’s encouragements to “read and do a lot of Feldenkrais (lessons)”, helped me to get going with the Feldenkrais Method, which proved to be very helpful for my whole life.[/pullquote]


But I Don’t Feel Ready

I realize the camp and/or 1:1 lessons covered a ton of material. If you’re only now coming to the end you might have some misgivings about joining the Master Class right away. You might feel:

  1. you want a break to digest what you’ve just learned.
  2. you haven’t finished the camp yet and want more time to do so before joining and advanced class.
  3. you want to go through old material again before moving on to new material

All of these feelings are perfectly reasonable. That’s why I’m offering you two free months of the Master Class.

You can do the first two classes if you want, but if you don’t feel ready yet you can comfortably skip them since they haven’t cost you anything. By the time the third month comes around it will really be time–trust me on this–for you to have a new Feldenkrais lesson. And the Master Class will be all set up and waiting for you.

Keeping a steady but relaxed pace of learning and connecting what you’ve done before with further growth and discovery is what the Master Class is all about.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Rowe P.”]My running felt much easier after the camp and I found I was thinking about, and noticing, how my body was moving in ways that I had not before. After the camp I felt like I had been exposed to a whole area I did not previously know existed and it was clear that there must be plenty more. It certainly had me interested in finding out new ways I could improve my running as well as appreciate it, in a mindful kind of way. Since the Master Class I had a new eagerness to run… I eventually embarked on a marathon training regime during which my running transformed quite a bit as I experimented more. I frequently did past camp lessons as well as the Master Class lessons/refreshers. I ended up running 18 minutes faster than my previous best marathon time (just over 3 hours) in non-ideal hot conditions. I know I would not have achieved that without the things I have learnt from Jae.[/pullquote]


Join us and experience what the Master Class participants have all discovered:

The best way to keep what you’ve learned is to keep on learning.



[price_one highlight=’1′ title=”Join The Balanced Runner Master Class” price=”$25 USD” time=”month” btn_text=”Join the Class” btn_link=”https://balancedrunner.samcart.com/products/the-balanced-runner-system-master-class” btn_color=”green” btn_size=”big”]A Live Monthly Class[*]Audio and Video Recordings of the Class[*]Recorded and Written Scans[*]Refreshers[*]A Creedon Process for the Lesson[*]An Explanation of the Lesson[*]Links to Related Lessons[*]Private Facebook Group Access[*]Access to All Previous Master Classes[*]Discounts on All Offerings from The Balanced Runner[*]SPECIAL BONUS: Two Months Free[/price_one]


Membership in the Master Class is month-to-month, so should your needs change you can cancel at any time.


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