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Online One-to-One Learning and Recovery Intensive

Work online one-to-one with Jae Gruenke for three months to make a transformation in your running technique, health, and performance.

Each month you’ll discuss your running video with Jae, delving into what your running has felt like, looking for cause and effect, and identifying the key changes to be made.

Based on that consult, Jae will create a custom learning program and give you ongoing support and feedback, including additional video analyses as needed.

Rather than data overload, paralysis by analysis, and a time-consuming, ineffective exercise program, you’ll get information you can actually use and the exact lessons and techniques you–personally–need to run better and feel great.

You’ll get:

  • a monthly video analysis and Skype/Zoom consultation
  • an explanation of how your current running style relates to your athletic and physical history and the problems you’re currently dealing with
  • a clear understanding of what you need to change and how to go about it
  • a customized program of Feldenkrais lessons and supporting material, updated monthly based on your videos and consultations
  • unlimited email support including assessment of additional video as needed

Price: $300/month with a 3-month commitment (25% off for current online students).

There are a limited number of slots available. Current availability: 2

If no slots are currently available, email to join the waiting list.

Questions? Not sure if an intensive is right for you? Email and I’ll be happy to set up a call with you to talk about your situation and what would work best for you.

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In-Person One-to-One Lessons

During one-to-one lessons, a Feldenkrais practitioner studies the way you walk and run, discusses your running history and your goals with you, and then creates a Feldenkrais lesson to help you feel how to take the next step in your running.

During the lesson, you’ll usually lie fully clothed on a low table similar to a massage table, and the practitioner will gently move you and verbally guide you through movements important to your running. This process accomplishes three crucial things:

  • It allows you to feel subtleties in your movement that are key to improving your form but difficult to discover while you’re actually running.
  • It allows you to experiment with your movement safely, without risking injury.
  • It allows you to actually feel better coordination so you can apply it, avoiding the frustrating cycle of someone telling you to run differently, and you having no idea how to make it happen and despairing that you’ll ever discover what it feels like.

At the end of the lesson you’ll return to running, applying what you learned on the table and getting familiar with a set of sensory reference points to help you run that way in the future. Over the next several days you’ll notice that you feel lighter and looser, running with better form and efficiency. After that the changes will become familiar and will begin to feel completely natural.

The effect of the lessons is cumulative. Occasionally a single lesson can spark the critical shift needed to transform your running, but most of the time a sequence of lessons is necessary for you to reach your goals.

In the UK and Germany

Jae’s next available sessions in London are 20-21 April 2018. Get more information and book a lesson here. 

Jae sees clients in Berlin/Potsdam, Germany, on a limited basis. To book please email

Jae is also available to see clients in Edinburgh, the USA, and elsewhere in conjunction with workshops.  Please check the workshop listings  for the next availability.

In the USA

Jae’s next availabilty will be in the Bay Area, California, beginning in Autumn 2018.


Online Training Camps

If you can’t come for one-to-one lessons or a workshop or do an online one-to-one intensive, The Balanced Runner Online Camp is your best option. Go to the online training camps page for a full description and upcoming camp dates.


The Core Action Programme for Runners and Triathletes
(audio download)

Can’t attend one of our online training camps? Purchase a program of audio Feldenkrais lessons (including some material from the online camp). You can find it at Feldenkrais Resources and The Feldenkrais Store.



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