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In-Person One-to-One Lessons

Mill Valley, California

Finally solve your problems, run smoothly and easily, and have your running feel natural again.

During your lesson Jae will study the way you run, delve with you into your running background to connect the dots your doctor or physical therapist may have missed, then give you a hands-on Feldenkrais lesson so you can feel how to improve your running.

In the Feldenkrais lesson Jae will gently move you and verbally guide you through the movements you most need to learn. This process allows you to do three crucial things:

  • feel key subtleties in your movement that are difficult to discover while you’re actually running
  • experiment with new movements safely, without risking injury
  • actually feel better coordination so you can apply it

You’ll avoid the catch-22 of someone telling you to run differently and you having no idea how to make it happen…because if you did, you’ve have been running that way to begin with!

It’s also completely safe, even if you’re currently injured, and even if you can’t currently run.

If you’ve been frustrated with your results from coaching, movement/core training, or physical therapy, that’s because they didn’t allow you to go through this essential process for learning movement.

Despite what you might have been told elsewhere about improving your form taking a long time to show results, you’ll see the benefits of each lesson with Jae right away. You’ll run more comfortably, easier, and faster the very next day.

The effect of the lessons is cumulative. Occasionally a single lesson can spark the critical shift needed to transform your running, but most of the time a sequence of lessons is necessary for you to reach your goals.

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Online One-to-One Learning and Recovery Intensive

Work online one-to-one with Jae Gruenke for three months to make a transformation in your running health and performance.

Each month you’ll discuss your running video with Jae, delving into what your running has felt like, looking for cause and effect, and identifying the key changes to be made.

Based on that consultation, Jae will create a custom learning program and give you ongoing support and feedback, including additional video analyses as needed.

Rather than data overload, paralysis by analysis, and a time-consuming, ineffective exercise program, you’ll get information you can actually use and the exact lessons and techniques you–personally–need to run better and feel great.

You’ll get:

  • a monthly video analysis and Skype/Zoom consultation
  • an explanation of how your current running style relates to your athletic and physical history and the problems you’re currently dealing with
  • a clear understanding of what you need to change and how to go about it
  • a customized program of Feldenkrais lessons and supporting material, updated monthly based on your videos and consultations
  • unlimited email support including assessment of additional video as needed

Jae is a very nice person to work with! Very thoughtful and with a great knowledge and mastery of her work. She’s very good at deciphering problems and explaining questions in detail. The lessons are very well organized and easy to follow. If you’re new to Feldenkrais I’d say that it’s unconventional and may seem different than anything you’ve done at first but just see it as a new challenge and way of mind and go into it open minded. The changes that result can be incredibly evident and exciting!

–Jordan Hasay, elite marathoner

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