The Hip Extension Lessons

These two Feldenkrais® lessons will help you improve your hip extension when running, particularly when you also run with The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner™ in mind.

This lesson helps you feel how to extend your hip joints better, in coordination with your feet and spine (hence the intro comments about feet):

This lesson helps you find your glutes for better support in midstance, improving hip function throughout the gait cycle:

Do them in sequence on subsequent days or with 1-2 days in between (not the same day). Be sure to run after each lesson, either immediately afterwards or the next morning.

If you wish, you can repeat them as needed or do shorter versions from memory.

I’m delighted you’ve taken the opportunity to get these resources and try something new. And I’m looking forward to sending you more helpful information on how to run pain-free, economically, and faster on a semi-weekly basis.

Look for a brief email roughly every other Sunday with a link to my latest blog post, and please stay in touch via my blog and on social media.

May all your running dreams come true!