The Balanced Runner Master Class

By Jae Gruenke

Apr 12

This is a monthly advanced class for runners who have completed The Balanced Runner Online Running Technique Camp or have worked with us one-to-one.

You’ve learned the basics and now you can go on to improve your skill so that a “normal” run for you will feel like what you now think of as the best run you ever had.

You’ll improve your nervous system’s ability to regulate your movement so that glitches and niggles that would have sidelined you in the past seem to simply ease off and disappear with little effort on your part in a matter of days.

You’ll improve your ability to respond spontaneously to conditions — terrain, weather, competition — so that you effortlessly adapt. This will help you become more resistant to injury and relish running in a wider range of environments, as well as performing better in races.

And you’ll become ever more “in” your body and out of your mind: aware of how you’re moving, able to make better-informed decisions about pace and strategy, and present and mindful when you run.

The class meets the second or third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm British time online via videoconferencing. Recordings are sent out to all participants afterwards, so if this time doesn’t work for you you can simply use the recording at your convenience. Roughly 1/3 of class participants currently attend live and 2/3 just do the recordings later.

You’ll receive pre- and post-lesson scans in audio and print forms before the class via email so you can observe things about your running that will be affected by the lesson beforehand, and notice changes afterwards.

On Friday following the class the full video and audio recordings of the class are sent out, as well as audio recordings of one or more shorter “refresher” versions of the lesson to use to review the lesson. You’ll also get links to a handful of related lessons to deepen your learning along the same movement theme, and a written explanation from Jae about the relationships between the lesson and your running.

Master Class participants are also invited to join a private Facebook group where you can share your experiences with the lessons and in your running, and get feedback and advice from Jae as well as the other runners.

The price of the Master Class is less than the price of two fitness classes in most areas, and you can cancel at any time.


The Balanced Runner Master Class

$25.00 per month

About the Author

Jae Gruenke, GCFP, is a running technique expert and Feldenkrais Practitioner. Known as a “running form guru,” she is the Founder and CEO of The Balanced Runner™ in New York City and The Balanced Runner UK. She has helped runners from beginner to Olympian improve their form to become pain-free, economical, and fast.