Do You Know Where Your Springs Really Are?

Last week I posted about stride rate and Dr. Stephen Levin’s explanation for why manipulating your default stride rate doesn’t improve your elasticity, but actually worsens it. That was far from the most amazing thing I learned from him that afternoon. Here’s more. Has it ever bothered you when people talk about stride rate and elastic … Read more

Should You Increase Your Stride Rate?

One of the generally accepted elements of good running technique these days is cultivating a stride rate of 180 or above (meaning your feet touch the ground 180 or more times per minute). For a number of years I have recommended this as well. However a few clues have recently begun to suggest something different to me, and this month … Read more

Trying Out Steve Maxwell’s Vestibular Reset (via Christopher McDougall)

Steve Maxwell teaches Christopher McDougall to roll (screenshot)

Last week I came across Steve Maxwell’s Vestibular Reset on Christopher McDougall’s blog. It looked good to me so I’ve been testing it out as a pre-run warmup. Take a look at the video and read the accompanying article first and then come back for my comments. This “vestibular reset” could also be called a … Read more

How to Deal with Tight Muscles During a Run

Have you ever been out for a run and found yourself struggling through hip flexor tighness, tight calves, or tight muscles elsewhere? I have a trick for you to deal with the tightness effectively while you’re out on your run, without needing a foam roller, a massage therapist, or any other equipment you’re not likely … Read more