Rio Olympics 2016 Women’s 10,000 Running Technique Analysis–Ayana, Cheruiyot, Dibaba

Everyone wants to know how Ethiopian Almaz Ayana’s amazing world record run was possible. I can’t tell you that from looking at her technique–as always, running technique is just one of the elements of performance. However a close look at her technique does reveal a way she could actually be faster. Dibaba too, along with many … Read more

Too Stressed and No Time to Run

I’ve had ample opportunity recently to think about stress and movement. As I sought ways to ease my stress over the past few unsettled months–four moves in two months with my family, living out of suitcases in a new country where we speak the language to only a limited degree–I found that movement was the stress-reducer I … Read more

Introducing The Balanced Runner Online Camp

Over the course of this week I’ve told you my story of learning how to run—complete with some real dunderhead moments. Through that, you saw how learning to move better is critical to realizing the dream of smooth, flowing, easy running. Not exercise, not pushing, not shoes, but a really effective learning process targeting the … Read more

Last Chance to Work with Jae in Edinburgh!

“Running inspires in us a deep curiosity about the unexplored territory within. Whether training to make an Olympic Team or to run healthy and happy for the rest of our lives the quest to expand the “new frontier” inside ourselves, is universal and eternal. My “Tips for Competition” pertain to the inner landscape…The opportunity to … Read more

Run Healthy in the New Year: Five Running Technique Fixes that Won’t Help, and What to Do Instead

When you read about how to fix your running technique, a few recommendations pop up over and over again. This makes it seem like there is overwhelming agreement on these points, but in reality it just indicates that people are repeating the things they’ve been told without examining them critically. Most of my clients come … Read more

The Conscious Runner

An old dance friend of mine recently started running and posted about it on Facebook. Lots of people commented on her post, congratulating and encouraging her. But I was shocked at the number of commiserating comments from other runners about how bad running feels. In fact, there was not a single comment from anyone saying they enjoy running. I know the … Read more