Two More Key Pre-Run Warm Up Moves

My quick warm up before running consists of three key moves. I shared the first with you last week — my dynamic calf stretch. This week I’ll show you video of the other two. These three exercises plus 5-10 minutes of walking (ideally 10 but sometimes I’m in a rush) lengthen and activate all the … Read more

Free Your Feet – Behind the Scenes

I’d like to share with you a little of my thinking that went into creating Free Your Feet. The kind of Achilles and calf stress that tends to develop during the process of transitioning to forefoot striking and minimalist running tends to occur due to overstriding, with the hip joints too flexed, the pelvis held … Read more

Feldenkrais Running Technique Lesson to Relieve Achilles Tendon Pain

a runner's achilles tendons, with achilles tendinopathy or tendinosis

Over the course of 2014, as I worked with my runner clients, taught workshops, gave talks, and listened to the running community, I heard over and over again that runners transitioning their form to a more forefoot strike and/or shifting into more  minimalist footwear are struggling with achilles tendon pain, metatarsal stress, and other forms … Read more