Introducing The Balanced Runner Online Camp

Over the course of this week I’ve told you my story of learning how to run—complete with some real dunderhead moments. Through that, you saw how learning to move better is critical to realizing the dream of smooth, flowing, easy running. Not exercise, not pushing, not shoes, but a really effective learning process targeting the … Read more

Solve Your Running Injury Webinar

Have you been struggling with an injury for what seems like forever? Or are you worried that’s what’s going to happen? If you’re like a lot of my clients, you’ve already been to a doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, Pilates teacher, yoga class, acupuncturist, and you’re foam rolling religiously. And still your problem lingers. This … Read more

Run Healthy in the New Year: Five Running Technique Fixes that Won’t Help, and What to Do Instead

When you read about how to fix your running technique, a few recommendations pop up over and over again. This makes it seem like there is overwhelming agreement on these points, but in reality it just indicates that people are repeating the things they’ve been told without examining them critically. Most of my clients come … Read more

What to Do When Your Running Technique Won’t Improve

The magazines, your coach or physio, a multitude of books and, yes, even bloggers are telling you your problems will be solved by improving your running technique. You’ll be faster, you won’t be injured as much, and you’ll become the runner you dream of being. Maybe you feel yourself moving in the right direction, slow … Read more

Can Walking Better Help You Run Better?

I talk all the time on this blog about what we loosely call “natural running form,” or how to run barefoot or in minimalist footwear, regardless of what’s actually on your feet. Hopefully my work has been helping your running feel better and maybe even faster. But now let me ask you another question: how … Read more

Respecting the Problem: Steps to Recover from an Injury

After injury are you uncertain what to do to get back to running? Do you wonder how much discomfort is okay, what kinds of exercises help you heal, and how can you tell when you’re overdoing it? And ultimately what can you do to keep the knock-on effects of the injury–the changes in your movement habits to … Read more

One Way Stretching Can Hurt Your Running

If you’ve ever been injured and gone to a physiotherapist for treatment, odds are good they gave you some stretches to do. Maybe they helped, maybe they didn’t… maybe they caused other problems in ways you never suspected. The fact about static stretching – the kinds of stretches you hold for a while – is … Read more

Tip for Dealing with a Niggle or Pain while Running

During my July Core Action online training camp some of the runners tried my tip for dealing with problems mid-run and told me they loved it. So I’m sharing it with you today. Every runner experiences a midrun niggle or discomfort–or even a manageable pain–on occasion. You’ll find my guidelines on when to keep running here. … Read more

For Injured Runners: This Helps with Pain

Today's recommendation from The Balanced Runner:

Today I’m excited to share with you a podcast created by Brooke Thomas of Liberated Being, interviewing Todd Hargrove of If you follow me on social media you know I’m a huge fan of Brooke’s podcast and recommend it for anyone who wants to delve into the cutting edge of movement education and therapy. … Read more

“Posture is for Posts” – Why You Shouldn’t Work on Your Running Posture

My jumping-off point for this post is a quote in the title, from Moshe Feldenkrais, creator of the Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education®. It is particularly relevant for runners working on their form and has a nice zing to it. However, I could simply have started from the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition, seen above. The … Read more