Tom Cruise Running Form Analysis

Tom Cruise running

The actor Tom Cruise’s running form has been much discussed but little analyzed. That’s a shame because there’s so much to see. If you’ve watched a couple of his movies you can probably close your eyes and picture him running. However if you’d like a little help, this video will do the trick: The one … Read more

Turkey Trot Gait Analysis

wild turkey trot gait analysis--beautiful animals in motion

As you lace up your shoes for a traditional Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day race, here are a few tips from a real turkey trot gait analysis that may help your performance. Take a look at this video of three wild turkeys–two hens and a tom, I think–running down a road. (I recommend viewing with the … Read more

How to Use Wearable Tech to Improve Your Gait

runner using wearable tech to improve her gait

Data on your running has become easy to get. But it remains hard to act on, especially when it comes to using wearable tech (such as sports watches) to improve your gait. Alex Hutchinson recently wrote about a 4-stage framework for using the training data from wearable tech. The stages are: descriptive–what happened diagnostic–why did … Read more

The Running Form Instructions that Killed the Barefoot Running Movement

the barefoot running movement may seem over, but you're probably still affected by it

Back in 2009-2010, as the barefoot running movement picked up steam, I was excited. I thought I was going to see a world full of healthier, happier runners with better running form. But that’s not what happened. The reasons it should have happened are still solid: running without cushioned soles causes runners to reorganize their … Read more

The Right Time for Running Upright

running upright makes sense when you've got a tailwind

It’s not an accident we can run so many different ways, including leaning forward and running upright. Some ways of running are generally better than others, and well-coordinated athletes will find they gravitate towards a fairly consistent set of gait characteristics I call The Balanced Runner Keys. But because truly excellent form is organized by … Read more

Test Your BRIQ: When Should You Run Upright?

when to run upright

There’s no running form “rule” that’s always true and no running form “mistake” that doesn’t serve a purpose in the right situation. So even though leaning forward is virtually always the right thing to do (get the details here), there is one circumstance when a distance runner might spontaneously run upright for a good reason. … Read more

The Purpose of Push-Off in Running

Kenenisa Bekele moves his head from side to side

“When you push off the ground, what’s the most important thing you’re pushing forwards?” That’s the question I asked last week, and I got 36 excellent, thoughtful answers–many with great insight into how running works. But only 6 of them were right: the head. When you push off the ground, you’re pushing your whole body … Read more

Test Your BRIQ: How Well Do You Understand Push-Off?

a runner's foot pushing off the ground

It’s quiz time again! Test your Balanced Runner IQ by answering this question: When you push against the ground with your foot, what’s the most important thing you’re pushing forwards? The great thing about knowing the answer to this question is that it gives you a very simple key to running faster, easier, and healthier. … Read more

Running Speed Hack

a runner can get an instant boost of speed by using this trick

Here’s a simple trick you can do to pick up the pace, especially when you want to run faster but your body just somehow isn’t responding. I’m not a big fan of tricks and hacks. I want you to learn deeply and be transformed. But tricks do have their place, especially for a runner committed … Read more

Run Faster with this Upper Body Strength Program

a good upper body strength program for runners activates the entire kinetic chain, as in this version of a lat row with leg lift

Conventional wisdom says an upper body strength program helps runners hold their posture and have a better arm carriage. But if you do it right, the benefits go way beyond that. There’s a way to do an upper body workout that actually makes your legs work better, giving you a distinct pop of energy from … Read more

Strength Training for Running–Avoid These Pitfalls!

good strength training for runners should include functional, full-body activities such as kettlebells

The idea that distance runners should regularly do strength work to avoid injury has become pretty popular in recent years. It can indeed be very helpful for performing your best, and as a human being your fitness needs include other things besides running. But there are some significant potential pitfalls to be aware of if … Read more