The Wrong Time to Work on Your Running Form

the wrong time to work on your running form is while you're actually running

The top question I get from my students and clients when I teach something about running form is, “Should I be thinking about this when I’m running?” The answer is NO. While you’re actually running is the wrong time to work on your running form or technique. The reasons are numerous, but here are some … Read more

How to Fix a Wide Armswing

runner who needs to fix a wide armswing

Armswing can be surprisingly difficult to fix, but when you do it right you’ll get a much bigger improvement in your performance than you probably expected. That’s because if there’s something going wrong with your armswing–such as a large, energy-wasting, and even flailing kind of action–it’s actually the result of a problem elsewhere in your … Read more

London Marathon 2020: Kosgei, Hall, Chepng’etich, Kitata, Kipchumba, Kipchoge

Sara Hall passes Ruth Chepng'etich London 2020

What a joy to watch a marathon again. Let’s just dive right in and look at the different movement strategies the runners used and how this related to their performances. As interesting as it is to watch any individual athlete, it’s in comparing athletes that you really see how they’re running. Brigid Kosgei and Ruth … Read more