How to Push Off Powerfully When You Run

Your push off matters–especially if you want speed. But a lot of runners make mistakes trying to maximize their push off because they don’t understand how it works. This can stress your hip joints, back, and neck, as well as actually slowing you down or tiring you out too fast. So let’s look at how … Read more

Run Cadence–Why You Should Leave Your Metronome at Home

When I ask a new client if there’s anything they’ve been trying to do with their running form, the most common answer is, “I’ve been working on my cadence,” or “I keep my stride rate at 180,” or something along those lines. I tell them not to worry about that any more. This usually surprises … Read more

The Balanced Runner Will Do Better

In this time of protest against the death of George Floyd and so many others, I am looking for ways I can be a better ally in the fight against racism. The death of Ahmaud Arbery haunts me in particular because he was a runner and part of the community I serve. I’ve been aware … Read more