How to Fix Your Shoulder Tension When You Run (Part Two)

There are many possible causes for your shoulder tension when you run. Your shoulders might feel tight because you’re running with your spine slightly flexed; learn more about that here. Other likely causes, however, are the very things you’re doing to try to improve your running technique. If that’s the case with you, then I … Read more

How to Fix Your Shoulder Tension When You Run (Part One)

When I see a new client for the first time I always ask them, “Is there anything you try to do with your form when you run?” By far the most common answer is something along the lines of, “I try to keep my shoulders relaxed because they get pretty tight.” For clarity’s sake I … Read more

Runners–How to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

Running has a reputation for giving the body a pounding, and for some runners with lower back pain that can be a very real experience. For others, running itself is fine but the pain appears afterwards. The solution is the same in either case, and believe it or not it doesn’t involve stretching. The solution is … Read more