Let’s All Win

Last week I told you the big news that The Balanced Runner will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in early January. I promised to give you a sneak peek of the campaign video, and here it is! Does this sound like a mission you can get behind? If so, I have something special for you. I’m forming an … Read more

The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner

As we approach the end of the year we naturally turn to review and reflection. In that spirit, here are The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner, the 10 interrelating elements of healthy, flowing, free running. I wrote one or two blog posts about each of them over the past year, but here they are all in one place … Read more

The Conscious Runner

An old dance friend of mine recently started running and posted about it on Facebook. Lots of people commented on her post, congratulating and encouraging her. But I was shocked at the number of commiserating comments from other runners about how bad running feels. In fact, there was not a single comment from anyone saying they enjoy running. I know the … Read more

Please Vote for The Balanced Runner by Friday!

Great news! My blog has been nominated for the 2016 Running Awards. I need one quick minute of help from you now to make the short list and have a shot at winning Best Blog. Please vote for me now! Voting closes this Friday 4 December. The picture above shows the steps (in orange). Go to the … Read more