What to Do When Your Pain Moves Around

Do you have an injury that changes and appears to move — one day the inside of your knee hurts, the next day it’s the front below the kneecap, then a few days later it’s your calf? This can feel like a frustrating situation, almost like having injury after injury or, as a client of mine … Read more

Run More Playfully

Does your running feel like drudgery, a chore, or a mindless routine? If so, you’re not getting the fitness benefits you could, you’re missing out on some of the biggest stress-relief, mood-lifting, and even brain-building benefits running can offer, and you’re keeping yourself from becoming a more skillful runner. I have been lucky enough to … Read more

Why Runners Shouldn’t Use Ice (and what to do instead)

Do you go straight for the ice when you hurt yourself? Do you use ice baths to speed recovery from tough workouts? You’re certainly following authoritative advice in doing so — doctors and physios have been recommending this since 1978. That’s when Gabe Mirkin coined the acronym RICE, for “Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation,” the four … Read more

NYC Marathon 2015 Running Form Analysis

There was plenty interesting to see in today’s NYC marathon. I caught a few things as I watched that warranted comment, and thanks to Jo Ann Mannino in NYC I also have video of the top five men and women from near the end of the race. Remember, if you’re going to be spectating at a … Read more