The 2015 Berlin Marathon: Kipchoge, Symmetricality, and Those Insoles

The biggest story from this morning’s 2015 Berlin Marathon was that Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge won it with the insoles of his trainers hanging halfway out. Here’s a picture. Talk about an impressive victory. There are obviously many remarkable things about this feat. Since others have already written about how uncomfortable it was for him, and how … Read more

Respecting the Problem: Steps to Recover from an Injury

After injury are you uncertain what to do to get back to running? Do you wonder how much discomfort is okay, what kinds of exercises help you heal, and how can you tell when you’re overdoing it? And ultimately what can you do to keep the knock-on effects of the injury–the changes in your movement habits to … Read more

One Way Stretching Can Hurt Your Running

If you’ve ever been injured and gone to a physiotherapist for treatment, odds are good they gave you some stretches to do. Maybe they helped, maybe they didn’t… maybe they caused other problems in ways you never suspected. The fact about static stretching – the kinds of stretches you hold for a while – is … Read more

Do You Know Where Your Springs Really Are?

Last week I posted about stride rate and Dr. Stephen Levin’s explanation for why manipulating your default stride rate doesn’t improve your elasticity, but actually worsens it. That was far from the most amazing thing I learned from him that afternoon. Here’s more. Has it ever bothered you when people talk about stride rate and elastic … Read more