Gifts for Runners! Cyber Monday 2014 Sale

My favorite product I’ve created, the Core Action Programme — with the most effective material I’ve used with clients since I started working with runners in 2004 — is on sale through tomorrow. If you’d like help learning to run the way I write about in my blog, or want to give someone the gift … Read more

For Injured Runners: This Helps with Pain

Today's recommendation from The Balanced Runner:

Today I’m excited to share with you a podcast created by Brooke Thomas of The Liberated Body, interviewing Todd Hargrove of If you follow me on social media you know I’m a huge fan of Brooke’s podcast and recommend it for anyone who wants to delve into the cutting edge of movement education and … Read more

2014 New York City Marathon Running Form Analysis

Today I am thrilled to have video of some of the elites in this morning’s 2014 New York City Marathon filmed for me by my friend Jo Ann Maninno, standing on Central Park South, in the last mile of the race. It was shot at normal speed (30 fps) and I’ve edited it together and … Read more