Learn How to Lean When You Run

Do you have trouble leaning forward when you run, or are you unsure whether you’re leaning or not? This week I’ve just posted a video of a drill I call “The Start-Stop Game” that will help you be able to feel your lean and control it better. It makes an especially effective warmup for fartlek … Read more

The Scottish Barefoot Run and Conference is in just two weeks!

My favorite event of the year is the Scottish Barefoot Run and Conference, organized by Colin McPhail of Barefootworks shop in Edinburgh and ultrarunner Donnie Campbell. This year’s event will be on Saturday 6 September, 10am-10pm, in Bruntsfield Links. No pre-registration is necessary and the cost is only a suggested donation of £10. You’ll find … Read more

Jo Pavey Running Form Analysis, European Championships 2014

This week I was going to write about British runner Jo Pavey’s performance in the Commonwealth Games 10,000 but in the interim she won the gold medal in the 10k at the European Championships! Writing about the more recent and sensational race seems like the obvious choice. Here’s the fullest video I can find that … Read more

Commonwealth Games 2014 Marathon Running Form Analysis

This week and next I’m playing a bit of catch-up on the Commonwealth Games. As seems to be usual for major distance running events, I was on holiday during them. But thanks to you YouTube I can still share some insights that you can use in your own running even if these races themselves weren’t … Read more